Green Bay Packers Top Recently Released ‘AP Pro32’

Green Bay Packers Top Recently Released ‘AP Pro32’

The Green Bay Packers sit atop the recently released Associated Press Pro32 Power Rankings.

The Pro32 is meant to imitate the AP Top 25 polls for college football and basketball.

So I guess this means if teams want to impress the voters they’ll have to start running up the score.

The Packers, who finished last year 15-1 but sans a title, were voted the NFL’s top team. They are followed by the New England Patriots, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, and Baltimore Ravens.

So let me get this straight, the Giants oust the Packers from the playoffs at Lambeau Field, then defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but are still ranked behind both of them? Already the poll is making friends.

Unlike the AP Top 25 college football poll, the AP Pro32 means absolutely nothing. It’s fluff. It’s internet fodder. It’s conversation starters for fans between games.

With that being said, this poll does have more credence than other power rankings. That’s because it’s voted on by a panel of 12 football pundits who represent a wide swath of publications/networks.

Love them or hate them, the dozen dudes that get to split hairs over who is number 17 and who is number 18 know their football.

The panel includes Chris Berman, Cris Collinsworth, and Clark Judge. Two former football players are also involved in the voting, Rich Gannon and John Lynch.

Furthermore, the panel covers four networks, three prominent Web sites, three local newspapers, and two national publications. So the AP Pro32 has far more points of view then similar polls.

AP Pro32 Voting Panel
Chris Berman, ESPN
Clifton Brown, Sporting News
Cris Collinsworth, NBC Sports
Rich Gannon, CBS Sports/SiriusXM NFL Radio
Bob Glauber, Newsday
Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News
Clark Judge,
Ira Kaufman, Tampa Tribune
Pat Kirwan, SiriusXM NFL Radio/
John Lynch, Fox Sports
Alex Marvez,
Dan Pompei, Chicago Tribune

The Pro32 has a diversity you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why even the Pro32 is completely meaningless but still maintains a shred of significance. It’s only been out a few hours and already it’s the definitive NFL power ranking.

Enough of that, who are the bottom five teams? The best parts of power rankings are the bottom five teams not the top five.

The Indianapolis Colts come in at number 32. They’re preceded by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, and St. Louis Rams.

The poll will be updated on Sept. 4, the day before the Giants host the Dallas Cowboys to begin the NFL season. From then on the poll will be updated weekly.

I wonder how long it will take for some lazy local sports department to do a story about the local team being named number one on the AP Pro32?

1 Green Bay Packers (5) 15-1 374
2 New England Patriots (2) 13-3 369
3 New York Giants (5) 9-7 362
4 San Francisco 49ers 13-3 336
5 Baltimore Ravens 12-4 315
6 Houston Texans 10-6 314
7 Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 308
8 Philadelphia Eagles 8-8 290
9 New Orleans Saints 13-3 272
10 Denver Broncos 8-8 271
11 Chicago Bears 8-8 257
11 Detroit Lions 10-6 257
13 Atlanta Falcons 10-6 255
14 Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 218
15 Dallas Cowboys 8-8 217
16 San Diego Chargers 8-8 216
17 New York Jets 8-8 189
18 Kansas City Chiefs 7-9 182
19 Buffalo Bills 6-10 169
20 Carolina Panthers 6-10 167
21 Tennessee Titans 9-7 162
22 Seattle Seahawks 7-9 137
23 Arizona Cardinals 8-8 115
23 Oakland Raiders 8-8 115
25 Washington Redskins 5-11 101
26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 100
27 Miami Dolphins 6-10 64
28 St. Louis Rams 2-14 55
29 Minnesota Vikings 3-13 49
30 Cleveland Browns 4-12 42
31 Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11 31
32 Indianapolis Colts 2-14 26

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